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Our children are happy at school because they enjoy their learning both inside and outside the classroom. We know that children learn in different ways and we use a variety of teaching strategies including whole class teaching, group work and individual support. Children learn not just from their teachers, but from other adults, other children across the school and their peers. They learn by listening, questioning and doing, working both individually and collaboratively. At our school it is ok to make mistakes because we learn from them. Children will mainly be taught by their own class teacher, although we do have specialist teachers in some subjects, such as music, Spanish and swimming.

From September 2014 Brookfield is implementing the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This is a more creative curriculum interlinking subjects around a theme. Each theme is designed to help children acquire knowledge, skills and understanding in active, exciting and engaging lessons. Every new topic begins with an event or activity which sparks curiosity and interest for the children and ends with an opportunity for them to share with others what they have learnt. As well as learning objectives that are related to subjects such as history, geography or science, our curriculum also promotes eight personal qualities: enquiry, adaptability, resilience, morality, communication, thoughtfulness, cooperation and respect.

The IPC helps us to ensure that our children are prepared for a 21st century world and supports our work to actively promote British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs, encouraging everyone within our Brookfield community to respect others.

For more information, please see our curriculum newsletters, or visit the IPC website here.

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